Caution: The installation of a cable-brace system is designed to reduce hazard potential only.
It is not a permanent remedy or guarantee against tree failure.

*Support systems require annual inspection and maintenance.

Reasons For?


Weak Attachment "inclusion"

Wind thrown or uprooted


Providing backup for stressed limbs (i.e. swings)

*other methods may be preferable
Cabling is designed to supply supplemental support to imperfect tree structure.

All trees can pose a hazard to their environment, there is no such thing as a safe tree.

The purpose of a cabling system is to help mitigate potential risk.

Cabling Systems

Static (steel)

Dynamic (steel or rope)

Ex. Cobra or TreeSave brands 

Cabling Styles

Simple direct system


Box and Rotary

Hub and Spoke

One of these four systems is typically used to support branches and stems.
Tree structure and species will determine which system is best.




Rod Bracing


Bolting or Rod bracing provides rigid support for weak or split branch attachments
Propping is used to support weak or compromised limbs close to the ground

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