Emerald Ash Borer:

EAB is an exotic, aggressive beetle native to Asia which was discovered in southeast Michigan in 2002. This pest is responsible for the death or damage of millions of ash trees in the northeast region of North America. Consult with your Arborist at Woodland Tree Services about treatment plans for your ash trees.

Hemlock Wooly Adelgid:

(HWA) has become a problem throughout the United States. The reproduction cycle and lack of predators has enabled this creature to wreak havoc on our native forests and urban landscapes. Control of these insects must be addressed in the early stages of infestation.

. “One of the native hemlocks’ Linville Gorge, NC”.
Unfortunately this hemlock was in decline from (HWA).

Bronze Birch Borer

Catalpa Sphinx Moth

Ambrosia beetle

Pine beetle



Eastern Tent Caterpillar

Fall Webworm

Japanese Beetle

Leaf Hoppers




Flux (wetwood)



Blue Stain Fungus

Powdery mildew

Sooty Mold

Hypoxylon Canker

Tar Spot

Crown Gall

Nectria canker

Dutch Elm Disease

Verticilium Wilt


Fire Blight


Black Knot Canker

Abiotic Diseases

Nutrient deficiencies

Girdling roots Jpg. 840A0393, 394.

Sun scald Jpg. 840A240, 241.

Construction damage

Bark inclusions

Topping 840A0270.jpg


“Sapsucker” woodpecker damage 840A0653jpg.

Soil compaction

Squirrels 007_7.Jpg

Lightning damage




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